35orLess Dies A Silent Death


Whenever we lose an MVNO that offers a spectacular rate, we have to shed a tear. Today, is one of those days. NetOnTheRun, the parent company of 35orLess, has announced via their website that the $35 monthly rate plan for accessing T-Mobile’s network will no longer be offered to new customers. Of course, they didn’t do the normal MNVO thing and leave their existing customers holding a SIM that won’t work. They actually made the base plan better while freezing the rate.

The current 35orLess customers will continue to have unlimited talk, text and data on T-Mobile’s network, but with the added bonus of 1GB of LTE data instead of 500MB. With the $2 discount for auto-pay, this brings your monthly bill to right around $40 for the plan. They did discontinue the plan upgrades that were being offered as well, but if you are currently on one of those add-on plans, they will continue to honor the price.

While this is a sad day for those that were on the fence about joining 35orLess, with the bevy of T-Mobile MVNO’s out there, it’s hardly the end of the world. For example, if you were ready to jump at the $35 plan, Spot Mobile offers a $39.99 plan that is almost as strong as offering. For now, if you made it in to the 35orLess family, make sure to keep you plan active. It still is one of the best deals in wireless and it would be a shame to lose it.

Source: http://www.netontherun.com/


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  1. Michael says:

    35orless/NetOntheRun is a VAR reseller not an MVNO. So the service is actually identical to what you get from T-mobile direct. 4G LTE plus roaming partners. This is different from every MVNO. As a VAR we added an additional service to the package. Now it includes a full Smartpone Office Phone System. Basically makes your phone into a 2 line phone. Now it is a 2 for 1 service – business phone system + Smartphone cellular service. Total cost $49 monthly with mobile service. A video is now appearing on the home page explaining the whole package http://www.netontherun.com

  2. 35orless/NetonTheRun are not MVNO, They are Value added Reseller (VAR). This means they sell the exact same service you buy directly from T-Mobile with roaming partners and 4G LTE. Traffic is prioritized over MVNO just like direct customers. Our latest offer includes a complete phone system with your mobile service. It actually makes your phone into a two line phone perfect for small businesses check out the video http://www.netontherun.com

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