Sprint Offers Credit To Break Contract And Become Framily


Sprint is upping their game once again with a offer to make you part of their Framily. That’s right, the lower cost family plans must not be doing enough to win folks over to their network as Sprint is now offering up to $650 in credits to pull your lines and come to them.


For those that don’t know, Sprint’s new Framily plans allow up to 10 users to be on an unlimited talk and text plan with 1GB of data for as low as 25 a month. Of course, rates don’t start that low, but actually begin at $55 for a single line. When you have 2 lines, the price drops to $50 per line. 3 lines drops to $45, 4 lines to $40, 5 lines to $35 and 6 lines to $30. It’s not until you hit line 7 that the $25 rate per line kicks in.

This isn’t so bad though, since you can actually have friends, with separate billing sign up for the plan with you. Of course, it isn’t like Sprint is going to cut you a check for bringing in your old flip phone and coming off one of those prepaid plans,  but if you are a brand new contract customer, this could bring some bill relief to your family. Before you jump, take a look at the actual costs of becoming Framily though.


Let’s take a look at the actual costs involved if you bring your single line to Sprint and you aren’t able to build your Framily. The base rate is $55 a month. You add to that about 20% in taxes and fees each month. That makes the base rate around $67. You then realize that 1GB of data isn’t going to meet your needs and upgrade to the unlimited data option for $20 more. The bill now climbs to almost $90. You now add the monthly payment of the device you must buy from Sprint for about $25 a month (depending on what you choose,) bringing the total bill to $120 a month for a single line. Compared to the contract price of Verizon Wireless and AT&T, you aren’t really being very competitive.

A family goes through the same issue. 5 lines at $40 a line would be $200 a month. Then you  add unlimited data for Mom and Dad, bringing the total to $240. Add in 5 new phones at $100 a month (yes, we are giving the kids cheap phones,) and you have a bill in the range of $400 a month. This works out to be $80 a line or about double what Republic Wireless would charge you for unlimited everything on the Sprint network. Even Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile can compete on price with Sprint on this one.

Unless you can bring in 7 lines or more, the Framily deal isn’t such a deal. Even at 7 lines though, you have $175 a month in base rates, plus $20 for unlimited data. Then $25 per device added to the bill. Overall, you are looking at $556.15 with everything added together for the 7 lines. This breaks down to $79.45 per line, per month.

While we applaud Sprint for getting more people out of contracts, most people won’t see a check for $650 from them. Most users did not just sign a new contract yesterday and pick a 64GB iPhone 5s that they will be giving up. This is really the only way to get that full amount. What most users would see is that gift card loaded with $120 for their term fee that has been reduced over the last 16 months and $100 for that older iPhone or Samsung Galaxy SIII that they can sell on Ebay or Craigslist for double to triple that price in a day.

For now, we recommend passing on the Framily deal as the requirement of having to lease a new phone is just too high of price to pay without getting a much better deal on a new device. If you simply look at Boost Mobile that runs on the same network, yo;u can grab a Moto G for $99.99 and unlimited talk, text and data (2.5GB 3G) for $55 a month with Shrinkage (24 month cost is $1239.99 with device) verses the Sprint Framily plan with a Kyocera Hydro Edge for $$2117.76 over that same period of time. That $900 difference will easily pay for that termination fee and you can sell your old phone for a few hundred bucks on top of that.


Sprint Current Handset Prices (Monthly)

Samsung Galaxy S5 – $27.09
iPhone 5c – $22.92
HTC One (M8) – $27.09
LG G2 – $20.84
iPhone 5 (32GB) – $27.09
Motorola Photon LTE – $10.42
Kyocera Hydro Edge – $9.59

from Sprint.com – 4/9/14 – Seattle Market


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