Win A Moto G And A Year Of Service From Republic Wireless


What’s better than a free phone? How about a free phone and a year of unlimited talk, text and data from Republic Wireless? Those folks over at Republic Wireless are offering up another stellar giveaway that includes the Motorola Moto G and a year of service. Now here’s the scary part – this isn’t even a prize big enough for the government to care about you! That’s right, the retail of the phone is $149 and the service is $300 for the year. This pins the total value of the prize just under $450.


The best part is, after your free year is up, you can continue service on one of Republics’ amazing plans that start at just $5 a month. For that lowly amount, you can use your phone (and your number) as much as you want from any WiFi connection in the world. Adding another $5 to the deal gets you Voice and Texting on the Sprint Network in the US. Bumping up to that $25 mark, you get to the plan that is part of the giveaway. You get unlimited talk, text and data on the Sprint network, plus unlimited WiFi calling and texting.

It is worth noting that MMS is a bit dicey on the RW system, but with all the messaging Apps that are available, it is hard to consider this a negative when you look at the numbers. If you want to win the Republic Wireless Moto G Giveaway, make sure to hit the link!


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