35orLess Offers Unlimited LTE Data For $60


For those didn’t know, the cellular game is changing and going non-contract is suddenly cool. Sure, the big 3 still offer those discounted handsets, but the discount they now offer is far less than the extra costs involved with that contract. For those that are ready for the next game changer, allow us to introduce to you www.35orless.com.

35orLess is an amazing company that shows you how little it costs to run an MVNO. Currently, their unlimited talk, text and 500MB (unlimited 2g) plan is running about $32 a month. Last month, that same plan was $28.50. How it works is rather simple, the more people that sign up every month, the larger the discount is for every user. Instead of using the extra cash to line the pockets of a world-travelling CEO, they just pass the savings on to you. That’s a wireless revolution and a commerce platform that everyone will love.

35orLess has three different options to choose from, just like everyone else out there. The first is the base plan. This is the unlimited talk, text and 500MB of high speed data (unlimited 2G) for only $35. This month, this base plan ended up costing members a lowly $28.50 due to the number of members that signed up. The next plan increases your data to 2.5GB for $15.00 more. This plan would have only cost you $43.50 this month as the discounted rate applies to the base $35 cost but there is no discount for the add on service. The final step is unlimited LTE data, yes you read that correctly, LTE data for $25 more. This plan would have run $53.50 this month with the discount.

Overall, if you are frustrated that your current carrier’s costs keep going up, you might want to head over to 35orLess.com and order that SIM card today. The only thing you will miss is the larger bills and funny service techs.

35orLess operates on the T-Mobile LTE Network.


By the numbers:

Single Line 500MB – $99.99 (Lumia 521) + $28.50 (avg price) x 24 months = $783.99

5 Lines – $499.95 (5 Lumia 521) + $142.50 (avg price x 5) x 24 months = $3919.95

T-Mobile Single – $99.99 (Lumia 521) + $60.50 (price w/tax) x 24 months = $1551.99

T-Mobile 5 Lines – $499.95 (5 Lumia 521)  + $133.10 x 24 months = $3694.35


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  1. MG says:

    Big following on Howard Forums (over 60,000 views). Customers speak highly of them,

    1. Yes, 35orLess was a great concept, and apparently it was a bit too good. Primed to jump in and take a spot in our Best Value in Wireless survey, they discontinued offering services to new customers April 1st.


  2. Michael says:

    35orless/Netontherun -things have changed- targeting business. As a T-Mobile VAR reseller. Now customers get the exact same service they can buy from T-Mobile direct (w/ 4G LTE and roaming) and a complete cloud based Office Phone system that turns your Smartphone into a 2 line phone. Still the best value in wireless. Checkout the video here http://www.netontherun.com,

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