AT&T Releases New Mobile Share Value Pricing


In an aggressive move to offer users a reason to stay with the most reliable network in the country, AT&T has made its most aggressive move yet. You can now carry that AT&T smartphone in your pocket for as low as $35 a month plus taxes and fees. That’s right, for right around $42 a month, you can snag an AT&T unlimited talk, text and 300MB of LTE data. While this is not enough data most users, the $20 upgrade to 2GB would be. That plan clocks in at around $65 with taxes and fees.

The basic breakdown for the new Mobile Share Value plans are as follows:

Pick your data plan – 300MB for $20, 2GB for $40, 4GB for $70, 6GB for $80 10GB for $100, 15GB for $130 or 20GB for $150.

Then pick your device – AT&T Next or GSM Device’s are $15 per line while 2 year contract lines are $40 per line. Basic and messaging phones are a flat $15 per line. Laptops, netbooks and mobile hotspots will set you back $20 each. Tablets and cameras will only cost you $10 a piece. If you want to add an unlimited home phone, you can do so for $20 also.

While AT&T isn’t offering the unlimited 2G data that T-Mobile is offering with their Simple Choice plans, the fact that you can grab that AT&T 2GB LTE plan for $55 a month plus taxes is quite a good offering. When you factor in you can add a second line to that share plan for $15, provided you own the AT&T compatible phone already, you have quite the steal happening. For under the cost of the T-Mobile Simple Choice 1GB plan, you can have two lines with unlimited talk, text, international text and 2GB of data. Splitting that down to 4 lines, you would have a total cost of $100 a month, or about $120 a month after taxes.

By The Numbers

AT&T Mobile Share Value Plans

Single Line – $15 a month access + $20 a month 300MB data + tax = $42.35 x 24 = 1016.40
Family 5 – $75 a month access + $40 a month 2GB data + tax = $139.15 x 24 = $3339.60

Red Pocket Mobile

Single Line – $29.99 a month (unlimited talk, text and 250MB data) = $29.99 x 24 = $719.76
Family 5 – $29.99 a month (unlimited talk, text and 250MB data) = 149.95 x 24 = $3598.80

As you can see, the 2GB plan, if your family can stick to Wi-Fi most of the time, is just an amazing value for families. The $65 street price of the plan still comes in higher than the $59.99 MAX plan from Red Pocket Mobile, and the 2GB plan from AT&T’s own GoPhone program, but it is still a much better price than the $109 plan it replaced.

If you made the jump to T-Mobile and aren’t happy with the service, AT&T looks like they are ready to wheel and deal. Just remember, if you purchased a new T-Mobile device when you made the move, you will be out the full cost of that device should you exit their network. There’s no termination fee on the line, but the balance of the phone is due if your service is terminated.


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