Best Deals For Using Your Phone As A Phone

In the times of unlimited data, throttling, and smartphone usage destroying cellular networks as we know it, there is a large portion of users in the world that are cutting the data plans from their cell phones entirely. While this may seem almost impossible, when you have Wi-Fi for running those ‘data intensive’ Apps and offline storage for your music and videos, living off the grid isn’t as tough as it sounds. Of course there are a number of things you will have to give up if you want to truly live data free, but take a look at the savings below and see how much it could be worth to you.

Spot Mobile is the first carrier that we will take a look at. Spot Mobile opens the volley of unlimited talk plans for $24.99. For that price, users get unlimited talk and text on the T-Mobile network. What’s missing from this plan is MMS messages. That means no picture or video messaging. For an additional $5, you can add 250MB of data that will allow you to use photo and video messaging, which will also include posting to Facebook and Twitter.

This $24.99 plan will allow posting updates via text message to social networks, but almost all Short Code SMS features are shut down by T-Mobile, being labeled as “premium messaging.” Other than that limitation, the $24.99 plan from Spot Mobile is a great, money saving option for those looking to lower their 2 year smartphone cost to under $600. With a smartphone plan on AT&T or T-Mobile setting users back nearly $3000 a year, you will be notching a monthly savings of over $100 a month.

Now, if you make cuts like this, how can you use basic services like Twitter and Facebook?

Twitter: To use a text message to access Twitter, you simply log in to Twitter from a computer, pick the settings menu, then select mobile from the menu at the side. Activate your phone by texting “Go” to 40404. After you activate you mobile number, sending a tweet via SMS (Text) is just as easy as sending a text to 40404. You can go farther in to the settings menus and select who you want to have text updates from, set quiet hours and more.

Facebook: It is just as easy to send a text message to update your twitter status as well. Go to your Facebook page, access the settings tab. Select the mobile settings from the menu at the left of the page. Activate texting for your number by texting the letter “F” to 32665. You will be texted back a confirmation code. Enter this into the confirmation code box online and you can start posting via text by sending an SMS to 32665. Remember, you have a 160 character limit and you can’t post photos or videos this way. Of course, if needed, you can access Wi-Fi and send videos and photos through email to your Facebook account.

Now that you can post to the two most popular social networks via SMS, do you really need that expensive data plan? If you want to give one of these lower cost options a try. You can get a FREE Spot Mobile or Red Pocket Mobile SIM card through and pick up a discounted refill from and take the plan for a real world run.

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