Verizon Introduces Us To More Everything


Just about the time that Verizon Wireless utters the words, “We’ll let your network speak for itself,” is the time that they usually end up bowing to the competition and doing something nice for their customers. The More Everything plans are exactly that. A bit more data and a tiny bill cut will help ease the blow that many VZW users feel when they see their monthly statements. It doesn’t drop them down to T-Mobile like levels yet, but every little bit helps.

The new plans begin with the same $40 smartphone/$30 basic phone connection charges, or the $10 Tablet/$20 USB Modem-Jetpack fee and let you add a bit of data to them. This is where the plans really get a bit better. You can now outfit your family with as little as 250MB of data for $15. This means an iPhone can now run on Verizon for only $55 a month. Of course, that only includes 250MB of cell data, but that might be enough for the lowest data users.

If that’s not enough, you can add data by the GB after 500MB tier at $30. 1GB runs $40, 2GB is $50 and 3GB is $60. That’s about where the sale ends though. While this is a great move, we sure wish they would give a larger break to those 10-20GB share plans as well. As it sits, for 5 smartphones and 10GB of data, a user is staring at $300 a month plus taxes. For the same plan on T-Mobile with Unlimited data you are looking at $210 a month plus phones.

For now, we would continue to steer users to the non-contract forms of service. If you need the Verizon network, stick with the Moto G and the prepaid $60 a month plan. 5 lines on that plan will cost you the same as the contract rates, but you won’t be stuck in a long term deal. If you are open to other carriers, check out the offerings from Red Pocket Mobile (AT&T) or Spot Mobile (T-Mobile).


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