Net10 Introduces New Plans


When Net10 dropped their unlimited plans from their AT&T offerings, a small exhale escaped many user’s mouths. The last of the ‘unlimited’ hold-outs using AT&T’s network had finally gone away. There was even still hope when the T-Mobile side of their offerings were left in an unlimited capacity, but that was short lived as well, with the usual throttling taking place after certain caps. Now in an effort to ease customers back into higher data limits, Net10 has added a few more tiers to their selections.

First off, we have the $35 unlimited talk and text plan. This is exactly what it says, a no frills, no data plan with unlimited talk and text to users within the US. Adding unlimited data (500MB 4G) and MMS capabilities to that plan will cost you $5 more, bringing your total to $40. Pushing the data up to 2.5GB of 4G speed will run $50 a month. The new $60 tier increases the data to 3.5GB of 4G speeds, while the new $75 plan will pull down 5GB of high speed data before slowing to 2G speeds.

None of these seem to blow away the offerings from Simple Mobile, which offers 1GB at $40, 3GB at $50 and 5GB at $60 a month, but more options for everyone always makes for a winning combination. The question that has yet to be answered is if these plans are available exclusively to the T-Mobile network, or if they may feature the AT&T network as well. If Net10 replies to our requests for that information, we will update this post as quickly as possible.

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