Confirmed: LTE Comes To SIMPLE MOBILE


Good news to those that are running on the popular T-Mobile MVNO, Simple Mobile, you can access the T-Mobile LTE network beginning with your next ReUp. The new LTE powered plans are available in 2 flavors, the $50 3GB plan and the $60 5GB plan. Both plans offer unlimited talk, text and data, with the 4G LTE allotment being 3 or 5 GB respectively. Of course, don’t expect these new faster speeds everywhere yet as T-Mobile’s LTE network is only in a handful of cities nationwide. As far as compatible devices go, we’re not sure which international LTE phones will work on T-Mobile’s network quite yet. Even Simple Mobile’s own list of LTE compatible devices is littered with issues, so we will wait and see what the final verdict is on device compatibilities. That said, Simple has certainly stepped up the game on MVNO speeds with this move and the $60 5GB plan is definitely the best in the game for LTE at the moment. The next closest deal is Net10’s 2.5GB at $45 with auto pay.

Just how good is this deal overall though? For starters, if you live in an LTE market, a family of 4 can have this plan for $197.92 with discounted refills from GetSmartphones.Info. This lets each family member have unlimited talk, text and 3GB of high speed data before slowing to 2G speeds. The T-Mobile equivalent to this plan using their ultra-low cost Simple Choice plans would be $217.80 per month. This means the Simple Mobile plan delivers 500MB more data for all 4 family members for $20 a month less. Now, if you are stuck in a pesky contract right now, you can leverage that move with the T-Mobile guaranteed ETF payoff program and save a bit more going with T-Mobile. Smaller families and individual users can actually save even more money with these new plans. For example, a single user will spend $72.60 a month on the T-Mobile 2.5GB Simple Choice plan and only $49.48 on the 3GB Simple Mobile plan. This saves over $23 a month over the native network.

Simple Mobile becomes the second T-Mobile MVNO to offer LTE speeds. 35OrLess was the first, but with only a single offering of 500MB of high speed data, it isn’t an option for many smartphone users. Simple Mobile becomes really the first option for the power user, beating out some that mentioned having this option early in 2013.



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