T-Mobile Users: AT&T Offering You Up To $450 To Switch


If you are a T-Mobile Windows Phone user, you might want to take a glance at that higher priced competitor, AT&T. Right now, Ma Bell is offering T-Mobile users up to $450 in credits for porting their number over to their network. The credits come in a two part system – $200 for porting your number in and up to $250 for your current device.

Make sure to do the math well before considering this move as most devices are well under the $100 mark in trade-in value and your bill will probably skyrocket over what it was. For example, a fully loaded T-Mobile Simple Choice bill would be $70 for unlimited talk, text and LTE data, plus $25 for a premium handset with nothing down, plus $10 a month for their JUMP upgrade program. This works out to about $130 a month after taxes and fees. AT&T will run you the same for just the service itself. If you have a T-Mobile device you like already, you can simply run the $60 a month 2.5GB data plan and save about 50% over AT&T’s prices.

Overall, it still makes more sense to use one of the prepaid MVNO’s that will offer you tax free savings of 30-70% depending on your area and carrier. If you must have the AT&T LTE network for coverage reasons, both the AT&T GoPhone plan ($60 a month for 2GB data) and the Net10 – AT&T plans ($45 a month for 2.5GB LTE data) are great options. If you do not have an LTE capable device, Red Pocket Mobile is a great option as well.

Look for something special from T-Mobile next week to combat this move, which is an apparent preemptive strike from AT&T. T-Mobile has been rumored to have a deal to pay off your termination fee with the trade in of your old phone – up to a $350 value per line. We will see what happens at CES next week though.


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