Device Review: Blu Dash 4.5

For the non-contract user, finding a quality device at a decent price is often difficult, if not impossible. Sure, there’s always the 3 year old Samsung Galaxy S II or the $400 Nexus series, but are those really the best choices for someone just getting into the prepaid arena? Lately, a small device manufacturer out of Doral, Florida has been turning heads with their low cost, mid-range devices. They’ve caught more than a few eyes with the Blu Life Play and Studio series. The latest device that we were able to get our hands on was the Blu Dash 4.5.

The Blu Dash 4.5 is powered by a quad-core 1.2GHz processor and 512MB of RAM. It also has a 4.5” FWVGA screen (854×480) and 4GB of internal storage (about 1.5 available for Apps). Memory is expandable via MicroSD cards up to 32GB. Under the hood, it also features an almost pure Android 4.2 experience. Overall, the Blu Dash 4.5 is a good entry level to mid-range device in the specs and performance department.

The performance of the Blu Dash 4.5 is a bit hit or miss. Despite the quad-core labeling, the MKT processor performs more like a dual-core than a quad-core, but that’s not the end of the world. The Dash 4.5 still chugs right along through most of the daily tasks without much issue. One portion of the system that could have been improved would have been the RAM. The 512MB of RAM is almost a minimum for Android today. While the device does one thing great, when you start throwing multiple tasks at it, it will start to buckle and lag. Again, don’t try and compare this to a Nexus 5 costing 3 times as much, it’s not going to win that one.

The display on the Dash 4.5 is nothing short of beautiful. Though daylight reading wasn’t perfect, the screen was bright and brilliant. Colors were well saturated and vibrant. Watching media was great as there was no lag in the video and audio synced without an issue. The camera also performed very well. The 5MP rear shooter was a bit slow in the reaction times, but overall took very nice photos. The front VGA camera worked well enough for selfies, but I wouldn’t depend on it for family cramming vacation shots.

Overall, the Blu Dash 4.5 delivers the experience equal to most of the “free” phones that those big carriers offer for a fraction of the actual cost. The Blu Dash 4.5 is offered at $129.99 without contract and is compatible with any of the plans from, or Straight Talk, Net10 or other prepaid carriers. With Spot Mobile service, the Blu Dash 4.5 comes with a total two year cost of only $1089.75. This makes it about $2400 cheaper than an AT&T freebie device with 2 years of service.

If you are looking for a lower cost, decent Android device, the Blu Dash 4.5 is a winner. The $129.99 price tag is certainly aggressive enough to overlook the minor performance issues that the Dash has. We highly recommend this device for new users and those that just don’t demand top notch performance. The price just makes it the perfect device for kids and first time smartphone users.

Visit today and see what plan will make your Blu Dash 4.5 a money saver and a great experience!


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