Accessory Review: Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Mini Speaker

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Bose has long been a name associated with amazing audio performance. The company has brought us brilliant designs in the past and continues to amaze with designs like the one found in the Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Mini Speaker. A perfect marriage of sound and portability, the Bose Soundlink will deliver 7 hours of music fun in a tiny 2”x7”x2.5” package. And what a package it is. The Soundlink Mini delivers a construction quality that makes you wonder if you dropped it off the Space Needle or Empire State Building if it would survive. The Soundlink Mini is built like a tank and will take quite a bit of abuse before it starts to show.

Moving on to the sound quality of the Soundlink Mini, we found the sound to be at its best when we gave the speaker a backboard to bounce off of. Placing the device on a table top resulted in good sound, but it never got as clear when it was turned up loudly as when it was at medium volumes. Once we put the Soundlink Mini against a wall though, the sound boomed out and had amazing tones.

Overall, the Soundlink Mini is a worth addition to anyone’s audio setup – especially the one that uses their device for everything. The Soundlink Mini is ultra portable, great sounding and under $200. It’s just about the perfect device for those looking for a superior listening experience that goes anywhere they want it to.


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