Accessory Review: Soundbot SB220 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

SoundBot® SB220 Bluetooth Noise-Cancellation Stereo Headphone for Music Stream & HandsFree Calling w/ Extended talk and play time, 400 hrs standy time, Built-in Mic A2DP, AVRCP by EyeCandis

Hot off the heels of my Skullcandy Titan review, I wanted to keep the music theme going with a few more must haves. This time, I take the music up a notch by removing the strings. The $19.99 street price on the Soundbot Bluetooth SB220 Headphones is a great deal. Although not a perfect pair of headphones by any means, the durable construction and good sound is the perfect combination for the active listener that may want to take advantage of their Window Phone’s text to speech capabilities. With a simple activation of this feature, you can be out for a jog listening to your favorite tunes – without wires – and when a message comes in, you just tell your phone to read it and it does.

The Soundbot Bluetooth SB220 Headphones have amazingly good sound, especially for the price. Lows are big and full. Highs were clean and clear. Mids had nice clarity and rounded out the sound nicely. The folding construction makes carrying the SB220s an easy chore. Of course, the hinge mechanism may wear over time, so be gentle with them. If there was a negative to the construction, it would have to be that the charging port is a MINI USB instead of a Micro USB port. Sure, Mini USB ports were great during the time of the BlackBerry Curve and Pearl, but this is 5 years later and they should probably update the design to match with current times. Fortunately, finding Mini USB cables is pretty easy and it will charge fine off most 5v USB bricks.

Overall, the Soundbot Bluetooth SB220 Headphones are a great addition to your device’s audio capabilities. The fact that they can be used as a bluetooth headset while on the run, at the gym or even in the car (keep one ear uncovered please!) is just a bonus. The battery easily lasts 8 hours on a single charge and my music sounded fantastic the entire day. Give yourself a treat to start November and grab a pair before they jump back to the $30 range where they usually are.

You can grab the Soundbot Bluetooth SB220 Headphones from the GetSmartphones.Info webstore powered by Amazon right now for $19.99.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Robert Reade says:

    I can’t believe you said the mini USB charging port was a negative! I read other reviews and they complained the charging port was proprietary and not usb, that would have been bad.
    At this point we all have drawers full of mini and micro USB cables, so either one is fine.
    That is not a negative but a plus.
    Otherwise thanks for the review

    1. We say the mini USB charging port is a negative since the world standard has become micro USB. For example, personally, we have 7 devices in the office right now that charge off a micro USB charger. These headphones are one of 2 devices that we have that uses the mini style. That said, yes, the mini USB charger is much better than a proprietary connection, but not as good as a micro.

  2. Donna Banks says:

    I can’t get my soundbot sb220 to charge it’s new just out of the package any advice

    1. Unfortunately, we only review them, we don’t do tech support on them. I would contact them directly or possibly the seller where you purchased them for additional support.

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