Republic Wireless Giveaway: MotoX, Service For A Year And Accessories!

Republic Wireless is one of our favorites here, and if you don’t mind compromising a few services for a cheaper bill, they might be one of your favorites as well. Republic is coming out of beta with 4 plans and a new device, the Motorola MotoX. Still running off Wi-Fi and using the Sprint network as a backup, the new plans and device make Republic a serious contender for carrier of the year. Gone are the excuses like the Optimus or DefyXT are just too weak and cell data speeds are just too slow. The MotoX has LTE on board and you can have it if you live in the right area and have $40 a month to shell out for it.

Of course, if you don’t want to spend any money, we have quite the contest for you. Republic Wireless is giving away a MotoX, a year of 3G service and a batch of accessories for you. Simply click this link and enter! Contest details are available at the link as well.


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