The Axcelle L3-Note–Some Main Stream Features For A Bargain Price

AXCELLE L3-NOTE Cortex-A5 1.0Ghz Processor Unlocked Phone, 5.0" FWVGA Screen 854 x 480 Pixels, 512MB RAM, 4G ROM, Dual Cameras (0.3M Front / 2M Rear), (Silver, Pink, White, Black) (White)

Value priced handsets are what separate the good deal of prepaid wireless and the phenomenal ones. Normally, in the sub $100 market, handset choices leave the average person wanting something much better. Finding a device for $99 or less that has enough memory, a decent screen or even a fast enough cellular data radio is almost impossible. Unfortunately, the Axcelle L3-Note falls in to this category.

Don’t get us wrong, the Axcelle L3-Note is a monstrous entry for the under $100 market, which makes its $79.99 price tag seem even more unbelievable. The 5” FWVGA display is clear enough to handle some serious web browsing and big enough to use as a good e-reader. The 1GHz processor has enough power to keep you going through Apps and Games, though there is a bit of lag in the Axcelle L3-Note when you run more than a few tasks at once.

From there, the 512MB of RAM handles the multitasking aspects better than the processor does. The 4GB of internal storage is room enough for a few Apps, but with sizes increasing regularly, the Axcelle L3-Note will probably run short on room very quickly. From there we have 2 more shortcomings from the Axcelle L3-Note, the 2MP camera, which wasn’t horrible, but really was just about a quick Instagram post and that’s about it, and the lack of a 3G/4G radio. This is one of those devices that would be perfect for the person that is always around Wi-Fi and doesn’t depend heavily on picture messaging.

Overall, the Axcelle L3-Note performed quite nicely for us. When you couple the device with a low cost plan from Spot Mobile, you have a pretty good combination that won’t cost you much up front. That said, a device like the Blu Dash 4.0 offers a much better package for $109.99. Do yourself the favor and compare specs on these before you buy. If you are ok with the 2G data limitation and the less than stellar camera option, the Axcelle L3-Note is quite a bargain.


7 thoughts on “The Axcelle L3-Note–Some Main Stream Features For A Bargain Price

  1. Navjeet says:

    Can you give me the stock rom for this device i have bricked it somehow.
    And i cannot Find the rom . The dealer from whom i bought the phone has no software available with it

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