The Axcelle L3-Note–Some Main Stream Features For A Bargain Price

AXCELLE L3-NOTE Cortex-A5 1.0Ghz Processor Unlocked Phone, 5.0" FWVGA Screen 854 x 480 Pixels, 512MB RAM, 4G ROM, Dual Cameras (0.3M Front / 2M Rear), (Silver, Pink, White, Black) (White)

Value priced handsets are what separate the good deal of prepaid wireless and the phenomenal ones. Normally, in the sub $100 market, handset choices leave the average person wanting something much better. Finding a device for $99 or less that has enough memory, a decent screen or even a fast enough cellular data radio is almost impossible. Unfortunately, the Axcelle L3-Note falls in to this category.

Don’t get us wrong, the Axcelle L3-Note is a monstrous entry for the under $100 market, which makes its $79.99 price tag seem even more unbelievable. The 5” FWVGA display is clear enough to handle some serious web browsing and big enough to use as a good e-reader. The 1GHz processor has enough power to keep you going through Apps and Games, though there is a bit of lag in the Axcelle L3-Note when you run more than a few tasks at once.

From there, the 512MB of RAM handles the multitasking aspects better than the processor does. The 4GB of internal storage is room enough for a few Apps, but with sizes increasing regularly, the Axcelle L3-Note will probably run short on room very quickly. From there we have 2 more shortcomings from the Axcelle L3-Note, the 2MP camera, which wasn’t horrible, but really was just about a quick Instagram post and that’s about it, and the lack of a 3G/4G radio. This is one of those devices that would be perfect for the person that is always around Wi-Fi and doesn’t depend heavily on picture messaging.

Overall, the Axcelle L3-Note performed quite nicely for us. When you couple the device with a low cost plan from Spot Mobile, you have a pretty good combination that won’t cost you much up front. That said, a device like the Blu Dash 4.0 offers a much better package for $109.99. Do yourself the favor and compare specs on these before you buy. If you are ok with the 2G data limitation and the less than stellar camera option, the Axcelle L3-Note is quite a bargain.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. darrell says:

    how do you reset the AXCELLE L3-NOTE Cortex

    1. We didn’t have to do this while testing, but given it is an Android device, you should be able to access the hard reset in the Settings menu.

  2. tyrell says:

    does this phone work with straight talk?

    1. This phone will only get 2G data speeds with Straight Talk, but it will work.

  3. Navjeet says:

    Can you give me the stock rom for this device i have bricked it somehow.
    And i cannot Find the rom . The dealer from whom i bought the phone has no software available with it

    1. Sorry, we only had the device to test. We have already returned it to the retailer that supplied it to us.

  4. Navjeet says:

    okay could you tell me the build number for the phone i will be really thankful to you.

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