Looking At The iPhone 5s? Check This Out

Almost everyone is enamored with the new iPhone 5s and 5c. Faster processors, new features and of course, a new shiny phone. Before you jump head first in to renewing that contract, check out some scary savings by going the prepaid route. First off, the iPhone 5s is $199.99 with a new 2 year contract from AT&T, Verizon or Sprint. T-Mobile gets left out on this one since they only offer it at retail pricing or at their Jump program pricing. If you want the 32GB or 64GB models, just add $100 or $200 to the costs across the board. The retail, non-contract price for the device is $649.99 unlocked from Apple. Now that the base line for the devices are set, lets look at costs of services…

Verizon offers the iPhone 5s with a single line total of $3079.99. The family plan with 5 lines comes out to $9063.75 ($1812.75 per line) with 6GB of shared data.

Sprint then offers up the best deal on the majors for a single line with a price of $2403.99 over 24 months. This is partly due to the $100 discount you get on the iPhone 5s at the point of purchase, but the savings quickly evaporate as soon as you add some additional family members. The 5 line cost of the Sprint plan jumps to $9427.75 ($1855.55 per line) for unlimited everything.

AT&T jumps in with a single line price of $3655.99 for their 3GB plan. Where AT&T shines through is their family plan that will allow unlimited talk, text and 6GB of shared data for $8631.75 ($1726.35 per line) which was second place among the Big 4 in family plan pricing.

T-Mobile rounded out the group with a single line cost of $2499.40 for their 2GB/Unlimited data plan and a 5 line family plan that came in at $8465.00 ($1693.00 per line) for the 2GB option as well.

When taking a look at these numbers, it becomes apparent how easy it is to run up that ginormous cellphone bill on a monthly basis. The fact that you can save $25 by using T-Mobile over Verizon on a single line or save $50 a month using Sprint over AT&T is pretty amazing. Of course, coverage should be the ultimate reason behind your carrier selection, not just price, but for options, you can look at the following savers:

Red Pocket Mobile – You can pickup an unlocked iPhone 5s for $649.99 from Apple and pop it on to the $49.99 unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data plan from Red Pocket Mobile and save $1800 over AT&T’s 2 year contract pricing for a single line. That’s even with paying full price for the device which you will own outright from day one!

Spot Mobile – You can snag the same unlocked iPhone 5s for $649.99 and stick a Spot Mobile SIM card in it and activate the $39.99 unlimited talk, text and data plan and watch the savings come in at $889.65 over T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plans. You can save even more as a family with a total bill of $8048.75 for 5 lines of Spot Mobile service and 5 new unlocked iPhone 5s devices from your Apple store.

Overall, the option of buying the handset outright will save you $100’s of dollars if not $1000’s. It’s so easy to spend $200-300 on a handset up front, then slowly pay back that cost, plus $100’s more over the life of a contract than it is to just bite the bullet once and sell your current device for the new one. The fact is, that iPhone 4s you want to upgrade is worth $200-300 depending on condition and the new 5s will only cost you a couple hundred more than that to purchase outright. If you are ready for that upgrade, order that new SIM card from www.4gfastdata.com and save up for a month or two, then sell your old device and head to the Apple store to grab that new gold iPhone 5s that you want so bad. Your wallet will thank you over the years to come!


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