The Best Value In Wireless: Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone (AT&T)

If you got burned by spending too much for a Solavei handset, I found a great deal for you. For just a touch under $100, you can have in your hand a contract free Nokia Lumia 520 smartphone. The device, which ships locked to AT&T, will work with popular services from Red Pocket Mobile as well as other AT&T MVNO carriers out of the box. With a bit of work, the device can be unlocked and used with services from Spot Mobile or Simple Mobile for even more bang for the buck. Let’s look at the device and the Red Pocket Mobile service first since that’s where this phone will shine for you.

The first question is how good is a $100 phone? The Lumia 520 is quite a beautiful piece of hardware. The 4” display is clean and clear. While it lacks the “Clear-Black” technology of its bigger siblings, the performance is still stellar when compared to the QVGA and VGA screens that other devices in this price range have on board. The 5MP rear camera captures clear, well balanced images in most lighting conditions. The additional features of the device will all be found in the software that is coming up next.

I find Nokia’s software suites amazing. First, we have Here Drive+ which acts as a fully offline GPS mapping system. This will allow you to save monthly by not require data to navigate. While it has some issues pulling up exact addresses without a network, if you have a cross street nearby, it will get you to the intersection with ease. Then there is Nokia Music, which allows for unlimited online streaming of music and downloading up to 4 music mixes for free. By signing up for the service, you can get unlimited downloaded mixes, but I’ve never used more than my 4 freebies at a time anyways. This is another huge data saver over Apps like LastFM and Pandora.

Next up, using the Lumia 520 with a money saving plan. Sure, you can go the AT&T GoPhone route and spend $60 a month on unlimited talk, text and 3GB of data, or you can go with something that has a bit more variety in it to fit your needs. Using the Lumia 520 with Red Pocket Mobile doesn’t require unlocking the device. You simply insert a Red Pocket Mobile MicroSIM or trimmed SIM and configure your APN’s. It’s that simple. Within seconds, you have access to plans ranging from $24.99 a month for unlimited talk and text to $59.99 for the same package that the GoPhone program offers. In the middle, you have a $29.99 plan that offers 250MB of data, a $39.99 plan that offers 1GB and a $49.99 pan that offers 2GB of data. The nice part about going the Red Pocket Mobile route is that you can change plans month to month and only pay for what you think you will use.

Overall, the Nokia Lumia 520 delivers an experience far greater than the $99.99 price tag. I would feel safe comparing this to Android handsets that cost three times as much. While it isn’t a flagship device by any means, the clear screen, good camera and overall user experience makes the Lumia 520 a clear winner. So, if you need a backup for that Lumia 920 or just want to pick up something new for the kids to use, the Lumia 520 is a great choice.

For those on T-Mobile, Spot Mobile or Simple Mobile the Nokia Lumia 521 is an equally good choice in the $100-130 range depending on the retailer and the deals of the day. Either way, don’t forget to visit my sponsor and check out their great deals on service from Red Pocket Mobile, Spot Mobile or Simple Mobile. Right now, you can get a FREE SIM card with any plan purchase!

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