The New Republic

Republic Wireless launched the newest member of their Wi-Fi calling family today. Joining the ranks of the low cost alternative provider is the LTE powered Moto X. The X features a 4.7″ display, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. It also comes with a contract free price of $299.

With the announcement of the new device came the announcement of 4 of the best plans in the business. The first offering is an unlimited talk, text and LTE data plan for $40 a month. The second, gives you the same unlimited talk and text, but drops the cellular data speeds to 3G for just $25 a month. If you can go without mobile data, you can sign yourself up for a $10 a month bill. Finally, if you have Wi-Fi available everywhere you use your phone, for just $5 you can get unlimited Wi-Fi calling and text.

These plans will definitely change up the norms in the industry. Hopefully the major carriers will take note and join the revolution soon.


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