Could A Feature Phone Be In Your Future?


It seems like everyone is hooked on their smartphone today. In fact, with cheaper smartphones coming faster than ever before, it is almost impossible to consider going back to those horrible old days of T9 messaging and WAP browsing. Of course, just because they call them a feature phone, doesn’t mean that they have to be dumb-phones.

Today’s feature phones, in this case the Nokia 515, have an amazing new group of specs that bring the feature back to the feature phones. Looking in to the 2.4” QVGA display, you almost forget that this is a just a feature phone. Armed with a 5MP camera that can save images to a 32GB MicroSD card and an HSPA+7.2 radio that can share information as fast as most low end smartphones, the 515 is far from that phone from yesterday.

The 1200mAh battery easily powers through the day, and then some. With a standby time of 33 days, the 515 blows away the modern smartphone. The built in MP3 player and video recorder will help capture life and keep you going through those workouts. The Nokia Xpress browser renders pages quickly while minimizing data usage with Nokia compression technology. With Nokia Nearby, this little feature phone will even work as a navigation system.

With all this said, it is a hard fight to replace your current monster phone with a lower cost alternative. Even comparing the 515 to the Lumia 520 series is a tough sell. Of course, when you look at the fact that the Asha’s allow you to take some of those $20-30 monthly prepaid plans from Spot Mobile or Red Pocket Mobile, they become an amazing value.

Check out the 515 at or watch for the release date later this fall.


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