Moto X Now Available For T-Mobile

The Google Moto X is now available online for T-Mobile users to purchase without that pesky contract. Of course, you have to head over to the Motorola website to take advantage of this screaming deal. Wait, let’s look at the deal first…

For $599, or over double the current price of the Google Nexus 4, you can land yourself the Google-fied Moto X phone. Coming in two flavors, White and Black for T-Mobile, the Moto X is strikingly similar to the afore Google device. Both run a good speed processor, have plenty of RAM and depending on configurations, 16GB of storage.

The Moto X does work in the new 10MP camera verses the 8MP shooter on the Nexus 4 and jumps the display to a full 720p display instead of the WXGA display on the N4, but it’s a hard sell to pass up the fully T-Mobile compatible Nexus 4 at $249 for the 16GB model. 

You can grab you Nexus 4 online at the Google Play Store and the Google Moto X for T-Mobile is also available direct from Motorola.

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