Blocked: Instagram Blocks 3rd Party Apps

Are you a user of Instance or another 3rd party Instagram App for Windows Phone? If you are, you probably noticed the same thing I did last night – your photos weren’t staying uploaded.

The first sign of an issue came when log-in credentials weren’t being recognized. Then after an uninstall/reinstall, they were finally working ok. I then tried to upload a photo and everything was good, until I refreshed my view and the photo never appeared. Clicking the Twitter link to the image did no good either, the page was gone. The photo was removed by Instagram before it even had a chance to be seen.

This appears to be a wide spread problem across the entire selection of Windows Phone clients. The exception is Hipstamatic Oggl, which still allows access to posting to Instagram provided you are logged in to the service in the App.

There are only 2 real reasons why Instagram would be blocking Windows Phone traffic to their site. Either they are close to an official App and they are trying to get people frustrated with third party Apps, or they have a backdoor agreement with someone to block the content. Of course, the third option, if it is an option is that the developers of said 3rd party Apps found a backdoor for uploading and Instagram has decided to delete any content coming in through said door.

Call it security, call it favoritism, but I will call it what it is… Bad marketing. I’m back to Fhotoroom for sharing. It’s a better App, easier to operate and has way more interesting content than Instagram. I will miss you in my Klout score heavily, but there’s no other way around it.

Originally Posted On Focus On Windows Phone


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