Nokia Lumia 925 Coming July 17 For $49.99 Down

Heard the news? The sleek Nokia #Lumia 925 is coming to T-Mobile on July 17th for $49.99 down.

The wait is nearly over for T-Mobile users that felt dissed by the early shelving of the Lumia 810 and the lackluster features of the Lumia 521. The Lumia 925 will be in stores and online on July 17th. The $49.99 down payment would mean an additional 24 of payments at $20 a month. This would make the device’s final cost $529.99. This would put the top end T-Mobile Lumia in direct competition with the BlackBerry Z10 ($531.99) and the 16GB iPhone 4s ($549.99). The $529.99 price tag would make the Lumia 925 $400 more than the low end Lumia 521.

The specifications on the 925 are definitely worthy of fighting those upper range devices, not a lowly entry level phone. The display is a 4.5” WXGA (1280×768) and features ClearBlack, Gorilla Glass and a high brightness mode. It also has a pixel density of 334.0 ppi, which is quite nice for viewing text and web pages. Additional features of the 925 include a brilliant 8.7MP PureView camera, a 2000mAh battery that will support wireless charging with an optional cover, 16GB of internal storage and a free 7GB SkyDrive account for additional cloud storage. The 925 also features a full HSPA+42 radio, LTE radio, Wi-FI, NFC and the bevy of Nokia’s Windows Phone software.

Overall, the 925 is the perfect compliment to the AT&T 920 and the Verizon 928. Unfortunately, the $500+ price tag will turn too many users off to such a great device. I mean, for another $150 you can land the new Nokia 1020 (rumored $299 with contract, $699 without) on AT&T. Sure, that T-Mobile bill make look much cheaper on the surface, but adding that $20 a month to your Simple Choice plan brings the total to about $110 a month for unlimited everything and AT&T would run you about $130 a month. Is it worth it to hold out for the monster phone that is the Nokia Lumia 1020, or is $529.99 the right price point for this device?

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