One Price Drops Signal Issues For HTC

Consider this your dual form notification. HTC’s flagship device, the HTC One is now available at Amazon Wireless for $49.99. No, you can’t snag it at the price for upgrading your line quite yet, but the facts are, a new subscriber can snag one of these on either AT&T or Sprint for $50. Then, they will also get $25 back in the form of a Google Play credit.

Part one of the notification is complete. On to part two, the bad news. The One has fallen. HTC’s savoir did not do what it needed to in order to save HTC. Between the launch delays and the limited number of devices, HTC didn’t make the move that it needed to regain the market with the One.

Yes, the device is amazing. The device is still, in our opinion the best Android device on the market today. Unfortunately, that alone won’t do it any longer. With the senseless version now available from Google Play, HTC is trying one last stab at making the One’s numbers get a bit better. Unfortunately, it is too little l, too late.

HTC is going to need a miracle of sorts to survive much longer. Keep in mind, they aren’t losing money yet, but as profits and margins continue to shrink, it is only a matter of time before they are left on the side of the road holding the bag. The price drop on the One on 2 out of 3 US carriers just shows that they missed with the One. Whether it was poor advertising, supply chain problems or the fact that so many people purchased upgrades to the Galaxy S III last year and couldn’t upgrade this year, it is bad news for the struggling phone maker. It is time for HTC to think outside the box for pushing devices. Perhaps it would be a good time for HTC to make the Nexus 5?


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