HTC One Mini Hopes To Boost Profits

The HTC One.

Coming off the success of what many consider the best smartphone of 2013, HTC is firing back with another volley of shots from their One line. First up in the release schedule is the HTC One Mini. Though we are just in the second quarter of the year, the One Mini is supposedly due to hit shelves early in the third quarter. This means we should start seeing them sooner rather than later.

The One Mini is a 4.3” version of the HTC One. It has many of the hot features that made the original One so popular. Back from the original are the UltraPixel camera, BoomSound, BlnkFeed and Zoe Sharing. Oh yes, and even that one piece aluminum chassis looks to be there as well. What seems to be missing is a reason why one would purchase the mini over the original One.

The one part of the One Mini puzzle that starts to make sense is the recent announcement that the T-Mobile version of the HTC One series, the One S, will no longer be receiving any more Android updates. Generally when this happens, a phone will be dropped from a carrier’s active devices very quickly. Discontinuing the One S would make room for a less costly HTC device in T-Mobile’s catalog. Plus, a lower cost model is much more friendly to T-Mobile’s new Simple Choice offerings.

The HTC One Mini appears to be a very solid device with a high resolution 4.3” display, 2GB of on board RAM and 16GB of internal storage. The UltraPixel camera should capture life just fine and the addition of those booming front speakers will make most people very happy. Hopefully, a few other carriers will land the HTC One Mini, because the $450-500 price tag is going to put the One Mini far too close to the price of the One on T-Mobile. This will doom the Mini to a life as a freebie that the kids will get when Mom and Dad re-up their 2 year deal.

Image originally appeared on CNET from CBS Interactive


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