Simple Mobile Updates And Clarifies Plans

Simple Mobile New

If there was one sticking point we had with the likes of MVNO’s, it was the lack of clarity in their ‘unlimited’ plans. Simple Mobile was one of the top 5 carriers in our 2013 Best Value in Wireless survey, but their lack of clarification about how much data one could use really hurt their chances of winning the big prize. Fortunately for everyone, the great value that Simple Mobile offers just got much easier to understand.

Let’s start with the basics. There are three tiers of plans – a $40, $50 and $60 offering. They all offer the same unlimited voice calling and text messaging. Included with the text messages are international messages and MMS messages as well. If you want to add unlimited international calling to your plan, you can up the bill $10 and add the feature to any line. Now that we have the basics, let’s take a look at the breakdown on what the dollars buy you in data.

The $40 plan begins with 500MB of 4G speed data using T-Mobile’s HSPA+ data network. With a proper HSPA+42 equipped handset, you will see real world speeds of 12-15Mbps down and 6 up for those 500MB. Your speeds are then dropped to 3G speeds, which usually range from 1.5-4Mbps down and 1.5 up. This 3G speed rating continues for 2.5 additional GB’s before being throttled to 2G speeds after that 3GB mark. This is the first plan that offers the additional step of 3G before dropping to 2G.

The $50 plan increases your 4G data speeds to 2.5GB before taking the first drop. The 3G step carries you another 1.5GB, or 4GB total, before 2G speeds set in. Adding another level, you can start with the $60 a month plan which carries 4GB of 4G data before dropping to .5GB of 3G data. After that 500MB of 3G data is gone, you continue on with the dial-up like 2G speeds until your next refill is used.

Now, the plus side to Simple Mobile is that you can refill at any time. If you feel that you are going to need 4G speeds next week and you are close to that limit, you can refill and change your start date to next week and start your data tally over. Simple Mobile is flexible and makes it simple to keep those high speeds rolling when you need them.

The new numbers on data usage have actually made quite a few people upset, but what most don’t realize is that Simple Mobile has had a soft cap in the past on data usage that ranged from 1.5GB per month to 2GB per month. If you were never cut off or never saw a warning text, you never got close to it.

Overall, the new plans look to cover just about anyone and for those that are Crackberry addicts, rest assured that Simple Mobile will hook that BIS device up for you as well. No more $10 added charge for carrying that Berry. If you are in the mood to give the new Simple Mobile a try, visit our partner site’s FREE SIM CARD Giveaway and get one headed your way today!


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