Verizon Offers New Devices With $60 Prepaid Plan

Not so long ago, Verizon Wireless launched their $50 unlimited prepaid plan for feature phones. Unfortunately, data for a smartphone would cost users another $30, which made this an epic fail for anyone wanting to run a lower cost device on Verizon and save a buck. Now, the good part, apparently Verizon has listened and has a bevy of new devices available.

The HTC Rhyme is our focus today. This $439.99 device can be had for the amazingly low cost of $99.99 through VZW’s prepaid program. The plan adds a $60 a month cost to this deal, bringing the package up to $1539.99 over two years. Keep in mind this package would be nearly $3500 over their standard post paid pricing.

The plan includes unlimited talk, text and 2GB of 3G data. If you need double the data you can upgrade to 4GB for $80 a month. Of course, missing from this deal are those LTE speeds, but for many lower cost users, Verizon’s 3G speeds should be enough to get by.

Back to the HTC Rhyme and it’s 3.7″ display, the device had gone free on VZW quite some time ago as it was outshined by the One series on AT&T and T-Mobile. The 1GHz processor is far from state of the art any longer and the 512MB of RAM may struggle with newer Apps, but make no mistake, the Rhyme is a great deal at $99.99 without a contract. You can expand the 4GB of internal storage with the included 8GB SD card or replace it with a 32GB card for even more storage.

We give Verizon kudos for this move and can’t wait to see how it fairs against the GSM offerings in next year’s wireless value survey.


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