Zact: Another Sprint MVNO With Pay For Use Pricing

Here we go again, first there was Ting, one of the lowest cost options for accessing Sprint’s nationwide network. Now, Zact joins the club as well, offering pay as you use service over the nation’s 3rd largest network. For as little as $199 and $.90 a month, you can have yourself and LG Optimus Elite phone and 30 minutes of talk time. Another $.71 adds in 25 text messages and another $1.88 lands you 50MB of mobile data. This makes your monthly bill for the Sprint network a measly $3.49 a month or $41.88 per year.

Of course, not many people will use just 30 minutes of talk, 25 messages and 50MB of data, so Zact makes it easy to grow. For $13.06 you increase your minutes to 700, or for $35.32 you can rack up 2000 minutes of talking. For $13.42, you can use up to 5000 texts a month. For $24.22, you can use 1GB of data. The great part about this is that you can use the Android App for Zact to change your plan on the fly. You can specify how much you want to use and either tell it to exceed that amount or not. It’s a great solution for limiting the kids.

We hope that more companies will jump on board the pay what you use bandwagon. Sure a $50 a month plan from Solavei, Spot Mobile or Red Pocket Mobile might be easy to figure out, but if you are only using 250 minutes, 1000 texts and 500 MB of data, Zact sure would be easier on the pocketbook.

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