AiO Wireless Offers Houston, Orlando and Tampa Deals

This one slid across the desk as a new phone, namely the Nokia Lumia 620, but after checking out the regional offerings from AiO, a subsidy of AT&T, we felt like passing the word on to everyone about their good pricing. First off, while the carrier only offers plans in the areas of Houston, Orlando and Tampa, the coverage is nationwide. The no-contract deals start at $40 for unlimited talk, text and 250MB of data – and here’s the kicker – then you are throttled to 2G speeds. From here you can jump to 2GB for $55 a month or a massive 7GB for $70 a month. You can also add a tablet for $15 a month that includes a lowly 250MB of mobile data.

While AiO isn’t nationwide yet, we’re hopeful that they bring these plans out to everyone sooner, rather than later. As far as devices go, there is everything from a $99.99 Samsung Galaxy starter to a fully loaded $650 iPhone 5. We hope to see this offering everywhere soon as more competition can only mean better deals for consumers.


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