GIV Mobile: The Carrier That Donates Your Money

There’s a new game in town, and they want to giveaway your money. Well, sort of anyway. Giv Mobile is a new spin-off of the uber popular MVNO PlatinumTel. What makes them different from the normal carrier? 8% of every user’s payments will go to the charity that the user the selects. It isn’t a perfect list of charities yet, but a wide selection is available in almost any category from The American Red Cross, to Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital. There is a much larger selection of charities available at

On to the plans. There are two choices, both of which are ‘unlimited’ plans. The $40 plan includes unlimited talk and text with 250MB of 4G data, followed with unlimited 2G data. The $50 increases that data allotment to 2GB of 4G data before being rolled back to 2G speeds.

Giv Mobile should give users yet another way to access the T-Mobile network at prices that are better than theirs. The $50, 2GB plan is still one of the finest deals on the market, though if you decided you don’t want to spend quite that amount, we still recommend the $40 – 500MB Spot Mobile plan. If you are looking for that 2GB plan, Giv Mobile is a great way to give a little back to people that deserve it.


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