Boost Mobile Adds HTC One SV To Lineup


The HTC One SV is now available on Boost Mobile for a non-contract price of $299.99. The One SV, features a 4.3″ LCD2 screen, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, LTE speeds and Beats Audio. The One SV also has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. The Ones SV works on both the Boost Mobile Android Monthly Unlimited and the Android Daily Unlimited plans. The Monthly plan includes shrinkage which will remove $5 from your bill for each 6 months of continuous service, up to $15 total. This will bring your monthly cost down from the original $55 a month to a lowly $40 a month. The total two year cost on the One SV plus 2 years of unlimited service would be $1439.99 before taxes.

Boost Mobile is an MVNO of the Sprint network and offers prepaid services by the day or month. Sprint LTE coverage is not available in all markets and speeds will drop to 3G speeds when you are not in range of an LTE tower. Overall, the One SV is a great device, but unless you live in a market that is able to take advantage of the LTE radio, be prepared to have a pretty mediocre experience as Sprint’s 3G speeds are usually in the 600k to 1.2MB down range.


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