Quick Press: HTC One Sells Out In Unlocked And Developer Models

HTC One Sold Out

Can’t say we didn’t see this shortage coming, but the HTCDev account posted this evening that their parent company HTC is sold out of both the 32GB unlocked model and the 64GB unlocked Developer Edition of the HTC One. What is deemed as the hottest phone of 2013 may also be the hardest thing to get since the Nexus 4 debuted in a 10 minute sell out. They join the T-Mobile version of the One that the only carrier version that is sold out at this time.

With demand like this, we seriously hope that HTC hasn’t devoted too many resources to other channels, like the recently announced HTC First, their joint device with Facebook which will debut Facebook Home later this month. It may just be the 220 hours that is required for each One to be turned out that is causing the shortages, or it could be a horrible miscalculation on HTC’s part about getting these devices to market. Either way, the delay and shortage of the One could lead those fans stuck waiting for additional stock to make their way over to a new Galaxy S4 or one of those heavily discounted Galaxy S3’s that the carriers are all but giving away on two year contracts now.

While the One is obviously worthy of such sales, it begins to make us wonder if HTC really has enough units to meet demand or if this will end up being the greatest smartphone of all time that nobody could find. We will watch the HTC page for updates and keep monitoring the Twitter feeds for more information. Unfortunately, we probably won’t get the chance to monitor them from our BlinkFeed on Sense 5.


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