What Happened To The HTC One?

When company uses a slogan like “Quietly Brilliant” it would be nice to think that they are talking about design and not advertising. When that company throws out such a drool-worthy device like the HTC One, you expect that the stores selling said device might have a clue about it. Unfortunately, all 7 locations that we visited over the last few days have had no information on it, nor did they offer to get us on a list to get one. They didn’t even go to the website to check out the presale information on it. Yes, 3 AT&T locations, 2 Sprint locations and 2 T-Mobile locations had no clue what we were even talking about.

Instead, what we got going in to the individual locations was a random smattering of the Samsung Galaxy S III was on sale for free to $99 depending on the carrier, the iPhone 5 is coming out next week (T-Mobile) so you should order that and the worst response of all, the HTC Evo 4G LTE is the same as the HTC One… We can only hope they meant the One X…

In a simplistic nutshell, we just have to assume that once again, HTC did not do a very good job of getting the word out to the local carrier stores, and considering we are in HTC’s back yard,  that is a scary thought. We can easily overlook one or two sales people not getting memo, or that T-Mobile is so set on the fact that they are getting the iPhone, that it is all they have talked about since the announcement. What we can’t look past is the fact that once again, HTC launched a flagship device, one that could be the best smartphone ever constructed, and very few people will ever know about it.

Now, for those of you that do care, the HTC One page has been brought up to date with the new release information as well as preorder information for all three carrier models, the unlocked model and the developer model. You can access the information here. Lets hope that HTC gets this ironed out in the next few days or maybe we won’t have to worry about a supply shortage for the One.


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