How Good Is The T-Mobile Simple Choice Pricing

How Good Is The T-Mobile Simple Choice Pricing

Just how amazing is this “new” concept that T-Mobile has introduced? As we break down the numbers, the numbers are much less fuzzier than they were 48 hours ago. That said, lets take a look at what the 2 year pricing looks like on this new non-contract deal.

First off, while T-Mobile increased the pricing on their Monthly4G handsets after the Simple Choice plans, but it appears that the they have gotten more aggressive on the Simple Choice handset pricing.

For example, the $529.99 HTC One S has dropped to a lowly $369.99 without contract. This makes the 2 year cost of the Simple Choice plan with 500MB of data a total of $1809.99 with the Seattle area taxes added to it. This puts the plan in line with almost every prepaid plan on the planet.

The advantage to running the Simple Choice plan verses the bevy of MVNO plans is that you are able to access the full T-Mobile network, instead of the non-roaming, limited 4G coverage of the standard T-Mobile network.

If you are more value inclined and don’t like the latest handsets in your pocket, the $168 BlackBerry 9315 combined with this $50 deal will bring you down to $1608 over 2 years.

Families can save even more with the addition of the $30 second line and the $10 additional lines. For example, Outfitting your family with those BlackBerry 9315 will cost $840 out of pocket, but that 500MB plan will only run $130 a month for all 5 lines. This brings the total 2 year cost for a family of 5 a very cost effective $3960. This is about what one person spends for a single line on AT&T and Verizon.

If you need to increase your family to 2.5GB of data per user per month, you can add a $100 to that figure each month. Remember though, your data is still unlimited 2G speeds after that 500MB, so checking Facebook, Twitter and mobile web pages is very easy to do even at those speeds.

The Simple Choice pricing is actually a very economical plan for those that consider their wireless service an extra expense. As always, with T-Mobile service, coverage will be rougher in the areas outside of major metropolitan areas, but if you live in a solid T-Mobile coverage area, visit and get a SIM card headed your way. The savings you experience should be enough to make you rethink your wireless needs.


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