No Updates For T-Mobile Lumia 710

Just another knock against those pesky early adopters here… Today T-Mobile has come out with a bit of bad news for those that took on their first Nokia Windows Phone, the Lumia 710. The lower end handset will not be receiving an update to the new Windows Phone 7.8 software.

Given the near entry level specs of the 710, it isn’t all that shocking. Given the almost dismal sales figures, its even less of a surprise. One only has to look as far as the fact that the 710 sells for $199 off contract via the T-Mobile Monthly 4G plan to know that it didn’t do as well as its Android counterparts in contract sales.

For now, Lumia 710 owners should just smile and enjoy the fact that many of the Lumia Apps that their Windows Phone 8 using counterparts aren’t able to enjoy just yet.

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