2013 Best Value In Wireless: The Beginning

Well, the votes are being counted, the costs are being calculated and we are once again approaching our annual Best Value in Wireless results. We have a few returning from last year and a few new comers that didn’t make the cut last year. As a quick update for those that missed our survey in the past, we are rating post-paid and prepaid carriers in various categories to determine what carriers give users the best values for their wireless dollars.

The survey includes the following criteria for judging: Coverage, Handset Selection, Customer Service and Cost. We rank the carriers on the categories that we experienced in our 4 test markets and average them out to create a score for the carrier. Once those scores are calculated, we will declare a winner.

We’ve decided to include 3 different categories this year as smartphone usage varies so heavily between users. This year we will feature the “All Talk and Text”, “Nothing But Data” and the “I Want It All” categories. This should give any user enough choices to make their best decision for their next carrier.

Last year’s winner, Red Pocket Mobile, will have a difficult time defending this year as there are even more carriers in this year’s evaluation, so hang on tight and enjoy the savings.


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