Straight Talk Introduces the iPhone To Their Lineup

While this isn’t new news, the addition of the Apple iPhone to anyone’s sales is still a pretty big deal. When it’s a prepaid carrier, the news is even bigger. When that carrier offers $45 a month unlimited service to go with that new iPhone, it almost demands attention – so that’s what it is getting. Straight Talk announced last week that they would now be offering various Apple iPhone products to users that needed that new device. The break down on the new offerings is very simple with the iPhone 4 starting at $449.00 for the 8GB model. The iPhone 4s will set users back $549.00 for the 16GB variety. Finally, the iPhone 5 is being offered in three different configurations, the 16GB for $649.00, the 32GB for $749.00 and the 64GB for $849.00.

The overall cost per line (24 months) on the Straight Talk program with the new iPhone offerings ranges from $1529 for the iPhone 4 8GB to $1929 for the iPhone 5 64GB. Both of these will offer substantial savings over 2 year contract pricing from carriers like AT&T which offers the same iPhone 4 package for $2639.28 plus fees and the iPhone 5 64GB for $3038.28. Over the course of 2 years, the savings mounts up quickly to over $1000 on either plan.

More information on the Straight Talk iPhone plans is available here.


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