T-Mobile Launches $70 Prepaid Unlimited 4G Plan


In a day and age when carriers continue to cut services and increase costs, T-Mobile reminds us that maybe the world doesn’t need LTE speeds and $1000 phones. T-Mobile continues to build a better plan for the average user by increasing the data limits on their $70 Monthly 4G plan. The current Monthly 4G offerings start at $30 and top out at $70 a month. When purchasing RTR or PIN cards online from sites like GetSmartphones.Info, you won’t even pay sales taxes or other fees on these prices.

The basic Monthly 4G Plan starts at $30 for 100 minutes and 5GB of data. This plan also includes unlimited text and 2G data after the 5GB limit is eclipsed. The next step in the line of Monthly 4G plans is a $50, unlimited talk, text and data plan. The hitch to this one is that only the first 100MB of data is 4G data, while the unlimited that follows is limited to 2G speeds. Continuing up the cycle, for an extra $10, or $60 a month, you can land 2GB of 4G data, with unlimited everything else.

The latest addition of course, the unlimited 4G plan, replaces the previous 5GB plan that was also $70. T-Mobile probably figured out that there were so few people using the 5GB plan, that they could attract some of those unlocked AT&T iPhone users to their network by granting them a non-contract, unlimited data plan. The beauty of the plan is that T-Mobile users are not under any contract and can freely move from one plan to another on a monthly basis.

Overall, this move should be a great one for T-Mobile and we look forward to seeing how long this, “limited time” deal lasts. More information on the new $70 Monthly 4G plan is available at GetSmartphones.Info or at www.tmobile.com.


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  1. Davet Covillon says:

    Great news! I can’t wait to stop by my tmobile store in kentucky to see if they are offering this plan yet!

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