Why 2013 Won’t Be HTC’s Big Comeback

There is a simple philosophy in the tech world… Once you’re on top, defend it, because you can’t climb back up overnight. This is the problem that now faces HTC. Once the pride of the non-Apple fan, HTC has shrunk to a distant shadow of their former selves. You can chalk it up to a few bad releases or a confusing product line, but honestly, it was simply horrible marketing.

This week, HTC’s leadership came out to say that they will bounce back in 2013. Here is the problem with that though… They won’t.

Apple iOS users are too loyal and have too much invested in their systems to leave for something new. Samsung users have, for lack of a better term, become Apple-ites, defending their brand like warriors. HTC is still throwing out vicious hardware, but nobody seems to care.

HTC’s current lineup is just as impressive as anyone elses right now. The One X+ is a gorgeous phone. The 8X takes Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS to new heights. Even the lower end HTC One V can be snagged on plans that will only set you back $35 a month. They have you covered from top to bottom.

The question that remains is how does the struggling manufacturer get users back to their Sense? The answer is simply telling people why YOU need the HTC handset instead of the others.

Samsung attacked the iPhone at their target market – the diehard line waiters – telling them that they were waiting for the device that Samsung had already made. HTC has the same advantages, and possibly a few others, but nobody knows it.

So, HTC, 2013 isn’t going to be your year. Not unless you start attacking the competition and letting the end user, you know, the ones that buy phones, that your product is better. Then of course, you need to make sure that you keep releasing the solid handsets that you do. The road back might be long, but it is possible.


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