Sprint Puts Their Name In Prepaid Ring

With powerful prepaid offerings already available from their 3rd party labels, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile, Sprint’s latest move makes many scratch their heads. Even with the head scratching commencing, Sprint will be launching their very own prepaid wireless plans beginning January 25th.

The two options will include a feature phone – all you can use plan for $50 a month or the smartphone alternative for $70 a month. Now, before you go moving that Evo 4G LTE off your monthly plan that sets you back $120, it is only valid with certain prepaid handset offerings and only includes 3G data on Sprint’s home network.

While this may not be a deal breaker for some, being forced to roam to 2G speeds when off the actual Sprint network will be enough to make most people pass on this deal out of the gate.

With two feature phone options under $100, the unlimited talk, text and data plan for feature phones will fit some people very well. Unfortunately, the $50 price tag puts it on par with Boost and Virgin’s unlimited smartphone plans.

The plan should be available at local Sprint stores and online beginning January 25th. Visit http://www.sprint.com after that date for more details.

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