Solavei Extends Free Promotion


For those of you that have been riding the fence on getting signed up for the unlimited opportunity that Solavei offers, there’s great news. Our friends at Solavei have decided to extend their offer of the Free SIM card and Free 1st month of service for another month. New users now have until December 31st to get this amazing offer.

Remember, Solavei offers unlimited talk, text and data for a low $49 a month. It runs off a nationwide 4G network and is compatible in many areas with 4G speeds on iPhones and international devices. Solavei also offers benefits like discounted international calling, tethering and of course, the best referral program in the industry.

For every 3 users that you bring to the network, there is a crisp $20 bill in it for you. But wait, it gets even better with the deal that every 3 users that they bring in, you also get another $20. That means by bringing in 3 people your service really costs you $29 a month. If one of them was to bring in 3 people, your bill shrinks to $9. If you were to bring in just 3 more, or any of your three brought in 3 more people, your would start making $10 a month for your cell service.

It’s an amazing opportunity to get in with Solavei and not only save a fortune on service to make that smartphone work better, but it is also an easy way to share your service with others and make your service free. Visit Solavei today before the offer runs out and start saving now.


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