Final Hours: The Solavei Get Ready For Free Promo Ends At Midnight

We did the math. We watch the deals. We know value when we see it. Solavei offers that value. For the average user, a plan that offers unlimited talk, text and data for under $50 is a pretty good plan. For the heavy data user, that ‘unlimited’ deal is usually less than what they were looking to use. Carriers like Straight Talk and Simple Mobile get around the ‘unlimited’ statement by telling you that you aren’t allowed to stream music, download content or even watch YouTube with your unlimited data. This will keep the average user well under the 1-2GB caps that these carriers place on their data.

How Solavei sets itself apart from the others in the sub $50 price range is by offering a full 4GB of 4G data on a nationwide network without restrictions on usage. Solavei even allows additional features like tethering at no additional cost. While tethering isn’t supported as a feature, they do not restrict it.

The bottom line is that for the next 24 hours, or until midnight on the 30th, you can save $78 and get in on the ground floor of this amazing revolution. Start getting paid by your cell provider instead of letting them continue to take money from you for services that you never use. Become the company, make yourself the advertiser and start earning cash from your cell phone. This deal ends now, don’t wait. Visit Solavei today and get started.

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