Final Days To Save On Solavei

The Free SIM card and Free First Month promotion for the latest MVNO launch is coming to an end on 11/30. The $78 savings program has been met with great response as Solavei has grown to 75,000 plus members less than 8 weeks after their public launch. While it is a far cry from the 1.5 Million subscribers that Simple Mobile currently has under their umbrella, the fact that the Bellevue, WA upstart is attracting 10,000 users a week is pretty amazing.

What is making Solavei so unique when compared to other MVNO offerings is the earning potential that the service offers. Simply put, for every 3 people you bring in, you receive $20. For every 3 people they bring in, you both get $20. This means a family of 5 can rack up 5 lines of unlimited service for a lowly $210 a month. This compares to a comparable Verizon Wireless plan that would cost the same family $350 a month. The T-Mobile plan of the same service would run $350 a month as well.

Saving $1000’s of dollars over the life of a contract is one thing, but actually using the Solavei service to begin generating more income is another driving force in the success of the young company. The system of allowing users to recruit others for their own financial gain is a great motivator for growing their network quickly. On top of the monthly earnings, Solavei offers new users 60 days to activate as many people as possible. if you are able to recruit 12 people during this Fast Action Bonus period, users can rack up an additional $650 in bonus pay.

The bottom line for Solavei and its users will be how the end of the Free promotion affects enrollment. It is very easy to attract new members with a free month of service and a free SIM card, but when you ad that $80 fee back on to the entry, how will they continue to draw new bodies in with competitors offering much lower entries? For now, you have two short days to jump on the Solavei bandwagon before the deals are done.

Remember, if you jump now, the worst you are out is a simple $49 enrollment fee. Solavei offers a great array of services, with a few limitations, and an unmatched set of features for a simple $49 a month bill. Combine this with the fact that Solavei is a non-contract service, you have a win-win situation and a possible start to a bit of extra income for the new year.


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