Hardware Review: T-Mobile LG Optimus L9 Prepaid

In the modern age of the superphone of the week, getting a solid device off-contract can be quite the expensive task. Fortunately, as MVNO’s and prepaid carriers attract more users, more manufacturers are bringing affordable, higher end handsets to most networks. One of these great handsets that is now available for Solavei users is the LG Optimus L9. Available from T-Mobile on their Monthly 4G plan for $299,

the L9 offers users a solid Android 4.0 experience on a qHD 4.5” display. The performance of the device is very strong with minimal lag and stuttering while using the basic functions of the device. Even with a heavy load of Apps running, the L9 handled quite nicely. The only drawback to the L9 is the limited internal storage (4GB) although this can be offset nicely with a 32GB Micro SD card. The 2150mAh battery easily powers the device through a normal days use. The quoted 5 hours of talk time was right on par with normal use.

The camera is nothing special, but the 5MP shooter does a decent job capturing daily life. The camcorder mode shoots a true 1080p video that looks crisp and clear in good lighting. The camera struggles a bit under lower light conditions, but this is true of most smartphones on the market today.

Overall, Solavei users could do much worse in the $300 range than the LG Optimus L9. You have to figure on being able to turn the L9 for $150 next year when that next upgrade comes out. You can pick up the LG Optimus L9 from T-Mobile directly at the following link: http://prepaid-phones.t-mobile.com/prepaid-phone/LG-Optimus-L9-No-Annual-Contract


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