Nexus 4 Back In Stock At Google Play

The latest Android superphone, the LG Nexus 4 had quite the non-carrier debut in the Google Play Store. Selling out in very little time (we say 12 minutes on the 16GB model) many users were left to wonder how long it would take to come back in stock. For those that waited, today may be the day.

According to the emails that Google has sent out, the Nexus 4 will return at noon today. The $349 16GB model is obviously the hotter model due to the non expanding memory, but for lighter users, the $299 8 GB model will more than suffice.

For those that feel that they need a non-contract quality device in the under $300 range with that expandability, we invite you to check out the aging Samsung Galaxy S II at Wal-Mart on their Family Mobile Service for $299. For those that can live off the cloud via WiFi or unlimited data, the Nexus 4 is simply the device to get.

Sent on my HTC Titan powered by 4G Data
$49 unlimited talk/text/data


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