Rumorsville: iPhone 5s In Production For 2013 Release

If there is one rumor we always love to hear about, it would be the one that will make 15 million people angry because they just bought something obsolete. No, we aren’t talking about the million plus Lumia 900 users here, but instead, we’re talking the iPhone5 and the millions that just jumped on board the iOS train.

It is not secret that Apple has been having severe shortages of iPhone 5 units, which is why this rumor actually begins to make sense. Foxconn, the company that assembles the iPhone units, was plagued with many assembly problems on this go around. They included construction issues and even a complete lack of parts from some suppliers on this latest round. Simply put, if Apple had more units to sell, they would have.

To help eliminate this problem in the future, Apple is rumored to be setting up a trial assembly run for December at the plant. While everyone knows that the 5s is coming, we doubt that it is even close to being ready to run out on the production floor. We’ll sit this one out and say, probably not so true on this one…



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