Simple Mobile Pushes Out 2 New Plans

They have been around a few weeks now, but we haven’t seen much action in the blogs about the two new unlimited plans from T-Mobile MVNO Simple Mobile. Long having the two choices in their simple plans, the two new options are even more affordable and offer even more flexibility for their users.

The first plan, coming in at $40, replaces the original unlimited 3G plan with a new 250MB 4G plan. The unlimited talk, text and data plan drops your internet speeds to 2G speeds after the first 250MB, but at $40, it is one of the most affordable smartphone plans around. Combine this with the inclusion of international text messaging at no additional cost, you have quite the value, even with the speed decrease.

The second plan adds $10 to your bill and unlimited 4G data to your device. Unlimited in this case may not truly unlimited, as in the past many Simple users have reported being cut off or throttled after 1-2GB of data. There is also the added bonus of $5 in international long distance credit each month.

We reached out to Simple Mobile about the data cut offs and they responded by letting us know that users who used only the native features of their device were not throttled regardless of their usage. Those that were throttled to 2G speeds were using streaming Apps that were not included in the Simple Mobile Acceptable Use Policy. Users were only cut off after being warned via text message and email that they were in violation of the Simple Mobile terms of use. Even so, at $50 for unlimited talk, text and data, even sticking to the native functionality of Android, iOS or Windows Phone, certainly makes this offering attractive.

Overall, the two new plans offer users 2 great options lower than the prepaid options from T-Mobile. Simple Mobile sure has a nice niche carved out in the market, and with aggressive pricing like this they should keep that niche full of users. It is also worth noting that there is also a $50 BlackBerry plan available as well.


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