Nokia Lumia 920 And 820 Contract Pricing Revealed, Preorders Start Tomorrow

Not to play favorites here, but the Nokia Lumia 920 is one of those handsets that everyone is waiting to see. Fortunately, Best Buy has leaked their pricing and the folks at were lucky enough to get an image of it. While the $149 contract price isn’t bad, it’s not quite the $99 price tag that the device is going to need to get moving.

The Lumia 900 was released at $199 before dropping to $99 after WiFi issues plagued its early life. It was one of the fastest $100 drops in history, and not everyone will forget it. At $149 for new and renewals, the 920 is a good deal. At $599 off contract, we can only hope that Best Buy has padded the retail price a good $100 right out of the gate. $599 puts it far too close to the competing iPhone models and will probably leave users looking to the more popular platform.

No word on availability yet, although most sources are reporting before Thanksgiving and possibly even next week. There has even been a rumor circulating that it could be as early as this Friday.

We will try and keep tabs on this as the dates get closer.

UPDATE: Apparently right after going to press this morning, AT&T released their pricing for the Lumia 920. The device will set users back $99.99 on contract.  Also joining the lineup is the Lumia 820 at $49.99 with two year agreement. No indication was made today about the off contract pricing for the Lumia line. Preorders for the devices begin tomorrow with orders due to ship on November 9th.


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