All iPhone All The Time

A few days ago, a friend asked about renewing his contract on Verizon Wireles. It sparked my usual debate of, should you consider staying out of contract and going prepaid, or resign and get a discounted device. The long and the short of it was that Verizon Wireless has the best coverage in his area, and he was willing to pay a bit more for it. The topic then switched to which phone he should get. When asked what his two biggest concerns were, it came down to battery life and a larger screen. I went with the battery life experience of the Droid Razr Maxx HD and felt pretty good about it.

Then a few of his friends piped in about, “What an idiot he was for not considering the iPhone.” It was downright crazy how “Pro-Apple” these people were. One indivdual in particular was saying that Motorola was going under, Nokia was going under and that no other mobile manufactuer besides Apple and Samsung were making any money. This included LG, HTC, ZTE and a few others. He went on to recommend that if he was going to consider a new Android phone, the only manufacturer that he would get is Samsung, in particular the Galaxy S 3 or the new Nexus device. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the N4 is being made by one of those non-profitting, almost bankrupt companies that he mentioned above.

While none of this surprises me, what did strike me as funny is the devotion that Apple users show their brand. I personally love HTC phones, but my next device is probably going to be the Nexus 4, simply due to the price off contract and the price for performance level. I wil sell HTC devices to anyone on the planet based of their amazing construction and physical design attributes, but I would never say, don’t buy anything but an HTC. Sometimes users need a different set of features than another, and one device may fit them better than the other.

The way I see what these iPhone users were doing was trying to belittle the brands that are in the competition, then build up Apple’s features. Things like the horrible Mapping software wasn’t all bad, because it gets me to where I need to go ‘most of the time’. The iTunes software isn’t bad if you have a new PC to run it. The 700,000 apps on it are way better than the 700,000 apps on Android. It was just amazing to follow along in the logic and listen to the ludacris points being made.

I’m not taking anything away from Apple or the iPhone here. It is a briliant device and one of the top smartphones on the market today, hands down. The problem is, if someone is looking for a new phone and┬ásays, “I do not want to use an iPhone,” regardless of the reasons, stop shoving iPhone’s down their throats. Listen to what they say, what they need and what they want. Then start looking at the available options and help them out based on those needs.


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