Editorial: My Next Phone Will Be The Nexus 4

This is tough for me, especially as a lover of Windows Phone and HTC products. I have finally come to the decision to purchase my next phone from the Google Play Store. The Nexus 4 debuts in the store on the 13th of November. It’s manufactured by LG, a company that is probably best known for their Optimus Q/T/V/S line of low-end Android phones, but was once a powerhouse of amazing devices like the VX7000 flip phone, the Prada and even EnV series on Verizon Wireless. Like all good things though, LG fell on hard times and it looks like the Nexus 4 might just be enough to bring them back to relevance.

Looking at the spec sheet, the Nexus 4 is ready to rock and roll. A quad-core processor, 4.7” HD display, 2GB or RAM and 16GB of internal storage. Some are slighting the device for not having more speed on the radio front with the lack of LTE, but honestly, even my HTC Titan running on T-Mobile is pulling 6.5-9Mbps down, which is more than enough speed for me. Others are upset at the lack of a 32GB model, to which I look at Google+ and the ability to wirelessly sync my photos nightly and view them anywhere via the Gallery App. I know, some are dealing with capped data plans and such, but the only users that should have that problem are contract AT&T folks. The other networks feature unlimited data on their plans and I am now using Solavei which has unlimited data as well.

This leads me to my next reason for selecting the Nexus 4, the T-Mobile network compatibility. With the proper AWS radios, the Nexus 4 is HSPA 42+ compatible, which is almost as fast as Verizon’s LTE service in the Seattle area. While the specs and speeds are a factor in my choice, ultimately, it is coming down to cost and the non-contract option for the Nexus S.

I shopped many devices before deciding, but the non-contract $350 price tag of the 16GB model undercuts the closest competitor by $150 for a similar phone. In some cases it was as much as $250 less. This ‘deal’ brings my 2 year, unlimited voice/text/data cost with device to a total of $1500, or about 1/2 of what a new Verizon contract would cost me.

The Nexus S by LG is an impressive piece of hardware and when teamed with unlimited Solavei service for $49 a month, the duo becomes an incredible wireless value. The LG Nexus S goes on sale at the Google Play Store on November 13th and is available in an 8GB ($299) and 16GB (349) models. Solavei service is available now with a Free SIM card and Free 1st month of service until November 30th.


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