Boost Adds ZTE Warp Sequent To Prepaid Lineup

Boost Mobile has added another Android device to their prepaid lineup in the form of the ZTE Warp Sequent. The $199.99 handset comes out of the box with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), a 4.3″ qHD screen, 768MB of RAM and dual cameras – 5MP on the rear and 1.3MP on the front. The device also features 4GB of internal storage with an expandable Micro SD card slot that will accept up to 32GB Micro SD cards. The included 1650mAh batter should also provide a decent power core for getting through the day.

The ZTE Warp Sequence is available for use with the Android Monthly Unlimited Plan for $55 with shrinkage bringing your bill down to $40 after 18 months of continuous ontime payments and usage. For the bargain hunters, this brings the 2 year cost of this plan to $1340, or about half the cost of a comparable plan on the Sprint home network.

You can pick up the ZTE Warp Sequent today for $199.99 from the “Get Your Stuff Here Store” or from Boost Mobile online.


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  1. James Taylor says:

    I was needing and hoping there is a way to trade in my older version wich i just bought. Maybe 3to4 months ago. For the new zte warp.. please respond to my question. Thank u for your time…
    James Taylor…

    1. About the only way to ‘swap’ a prepaid phone is to hope that the retailer you purchased it from would take it back, which isn’t likely. Another option would be to sell your ‘almost new’ handset for as much as you can to offset the cost of the newer device. For now, that’s the best option that is available for you. Hopefully you can find something that works for you.

  2. Mala Singh says:

    How come I can’t find where to put in my sd card in my warp … It won’t let me do a lot of things unless I have an sd card

    1. You need to remove the back cover from the phone. Then remove the included 2GB MicroSD card and replace it with a larger one. Hopefully that helps.

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